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Exploring sexual and social understanding :

Publication: Birmingham : BILD Publications 2015 . 51 pages 30 cm Date: 2015

Was appropriate. Is visual and easy to understand.

All about growing up

Publication: Wellington, NZ Family Planning 2010 . 29 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 25 Date: 2010

Appropriate for the users. Visually very useful and simple.

What is death? by Boritzer, Etan

Publication: Santa Monica, CA Veronica Lane Books 2000 . col. ill. 25 Date: 2000

Very useful information and not too overwhelming for the people

What's happening to Tom? : by Reynolds, Kate E.

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . 1 volume (unpaged) ; 17 cm x19 cm Date: 2015

Great book.

Temple did it, and I can, too! : by Yacio, Jennifer Gilpin

Publication: . vi, 23 pages : 21 x 26 cm

Positive and uplifting book for young people on the spectrum.Would be of particular use for young people who are already aware of who Temple Grandin is.

Mockingbird : by Erskine, Kathryn.

Publication: . 235, [6], 6 pages ; 20 cm

Gives interesting insights into how a young person with ASD may see the world. The central character is very likeable. Discussion questions at the back could be useful.

Counselling people with developmental disabilities who have been sexually abused by Mansell, Sheila

Publication: New York National Association of the Dually Diagnosed (NADD) 2001 . 1. Book: 309 p. ; 23 cm. 2. DVD: Alone in a crowd ; 60 mins. 25 Date: 2001

Fabulous resource. Am personally going to purchase.

Play-based interventions for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities / by Grant, Robert Jason,

Publication: . xvi, 181 pages : 23 cm

Includes hundreds of simple yet effective and practical activities for working with young people with ASD. All extremely easy to implement and fun for young people. Highly recommend to other practitioners as well as parents who need some fresh ideas and inspiration for practical play based activities.

Smart but scattered : by Dawson, Peg

Publication: New York, NY Guilford Press 2009 . 313 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. 25 Date: 2009

Very useful resource.

Help! I've Got an Alarm Bell Going off in My Head! by Aspden, K. L.

Publication: . 48 pages : Illustrations ;

My student really related to this book.It was an easy read with a clear message.

Overcoming anxiety in children and teens / by Baker, Jed

Publication: . vi, 146 pages : 23 cm

This book is very easy to read and covers a comprehensive range of anxiety disorders. The examples in the book give a clear picture of the particular disorder and how it was treated. It has been extremely helpful for my study.

The book of IT : by Aisbett, Bev

Publication: Sydney HarperCollins Publishers 2008 . 160 p. : ill. ; 20 cm. 25 Date: 2008

A great format for older students to read for themselves or have shared with them.

Developmentally appropriate play : by Gronlund, Gaye,

Publication: St. Paul, MN : Redleaf Press, 2010 . xvi, 191 pages : 23 cm Date: 2010

Good resource on how to guide children to higher level of play. Also great for detailing why play is important.

Nurture groups in school and home : by Cooper, Paul

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2007 . 159 p. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2007

We are setting up a nurture room in our school and this book has been a wealth of information, so much so I have purchased my own copy.

The essential guide to successful secondary school : by Larkey, Sue

Publication: Artarmon, NSW? Sue Larkey 2005 . 88 p.: ill. ; 30 cm.|Cover: White ; Spine: black spiral binding 25 Date: 2005

I have used this book a few times to help prepare children/young people for transition into a new school or college. It is user friendly and has some excellent suggestions.

Heads up helping : by Boring, Melinda L

Publication: Victoria, BC On-demand in cooperation with Trafford Publishing 2002 . ii, 173 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. 25 Date: 2002

Interesting read

Kidpower safety comics : by Van der Zande, Irene

Publication: . 58 pages : 28 cm

Great resource for looking at safety social stories- may have to adapt it to suit your child.

Social thinking across the home and school day. The ILAUGH framework and related therapy strategies for kids with social cognitive deficits: HFA, AS, NLD, PDD by Winner, Michelle Garcia

Publication: Jenison, MI The Gray Center 2003 . 2 x DVD 25 Date: 2003

Was a great resource to help plan a social skills group.

Wilma Jean the worry machine by Cook, Julia

Publication: . 32 pp ; 224 x 196mm

Great resource for starting to talk about worries.

My mouth is a volcano! / by Cook, Julia,

Publication: . 32 pages : 20 x 23 cm.

Great resource for teaching taking turns in conversations in a fun way.

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