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Iris Grace / by Carter-Johnson, Arabella

Publication: . 1 volume : 24 cm

An amazing read with wonderful art work. Loved reading about the cat! A good book on so many levels.

Raising children who refuse to be raised : by Ziegler, Dave

Publication: Phoenix, AZ Acacia Publishing 2000 . xiii, 308 p. 25 Date: 2000

Really enjoyed this book

Circles I : by Champagne, Marklyn P.

Publication: Santa Barbara, CA James Stanfield 1993 . 1. Book: ii, 105 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. 2. Photocopyable resources in yellow display folder. 3. Icons: 2 sheets of peel 'n stick and 54 large laminated in plastic packet 4. Floor mat 5. DVDs X3: Level 1, Part 1 : Disks 1, 2, 3 6. DVDs X3: Level 1, Part 2 : Di 25 Date: 1993

Even though from an American perspective this really worked with our students. It led to great discussion, role play and skills based work.

Dear Diana : by Bilezikian, Diana

Publication: Shawnee Mission, KS AAPC Publishing 2014 . 207 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2014

Useful if the person can read. Great for support staff to go through with people they support in situations described in the book eg transport by bus or train.

Kevin thinks ...about outer space, confusing expressions and the perfectly logical world of Asperger syndrome by Watts, Gail

Publication: . [28] pages 22 cm

A good book for explaining Asperger type thinking, but for neurotypicals, not for ASD kids themselves. It makes the assumption that you understand non-literal phrases etc. But good to read to older primary age classmates.

Autistic logistics : by Wilde, Kate C.

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . 256 pages ; 23 cm Date: 2015

An indepth book I'll revisit. A different way of understanding the child's perspective and being more accepting. I appreciated the positivity of this book and it addressing the hard stuff like meltdowns, aggression and violence etc.

Rose gets in shape by Banks, Roger

Publication: . 73 pages : 21 cm

Need to get out again.

Personal hygiene? What's that got to do with me? by Crissey, Pat

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2005 . 94 p; ill. ; 25 cm. 25 Date: 2005

Great book. Didn't want to give it back!

Why does Izzy cover her ears? Dealing with sensory overload by Veenendall, Jennifer

Publication: Shawnee Mission, KS Autism Asperger Publishing 2009 . 39 p. : col. ill. ; 29 cm. 25 Date: 2009

A long story but explains sensory challenges very well and from the child's perspective.

Can I tell you about autism? A guide for friends, family and professionals by Welton, Jude

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014 . 64 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2014

Thank you, my son and I read this one together and discussed it.

Top ten tips : by Cardon, Teresa A

Publication: Shawnee Mission, KS Autism Asperger Publishing 2008 . xxi, 152 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2008

Good for dipping in and out of. This book is aimed at a wide range of abilities so some will apply but not all.

All my stripes : by Rudolph, Shaina

Publication: . 1 volume (unpaged) : 27 cm

Very good book for kids with autism. Lovely positive feel without minimising the challenges. My 7 year old boy liked this on the first read so I bought a copy for the family.

Marvellous : by Baldwin, Neil

Publication: . 260 pages 20 cm

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it opens your mind to the possibilities for everyone with learning difficulties if they get the right support from people who care and do not put limits on what they could, should, & will be able to achieve in life. An easy enjoyable read.

101 inclusive and SEN maths activities : by Brewer, Claire

Publication: . 133 pages : 25 cm

So practical - suits play based learning well. When will NZ advisers write a simple but to the point book of ideas for teachers to use rather than a bible type of literary novel where we need to pick out the useful bits!

The out-of-sync child : by Kranowitz, Carol Stock

Publication: Las Vegas, NV Sensory resources 2007 . DVD : 85 mins. 25 Date: 2007

Very good resource. Good to use in conjunction with the book.

Learning tracks : by Furby, Lindy

Publication: . viii, 133 pages : 30 cm.

Every SEN teacher should read this and consider the importance of this curriculum for all students.

The in-sync activity card book : by Newman, Joye

Publication: . 110, 8 pages : 18 cm.

Such a useful resource- I bought the cards for the classroom.

Sleepwise - a resource manual :

Publication: [Adelaide] Early Childhood Service, Intellectual Disability Services Council, Sth Australia 2005 . 1. Looseleaf Folder : ill. ; 31 cm. 2. CDROM 3. Booklet (Sasha goes to Sleep) : 9 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 4. Booklet (Sasha goes back to sleep) : 8 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 5. Booklet (Steve goes to sleep) : 9 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 6. Booklet (Steve goes 25 Date: 2005

Fantastic resource

Can I tell you about autism? A guide for friends, family and professionals by Welton, Jude

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014 . 64 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2014

My son and I read it together and discussed it.

How to stop your words from bumping into someone else' s and other really useful social stories : by Tullemans, Anna,

Publication: . 26 leaves : 30 cm

Helpful. Easy and quick to read.

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