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Intermediaries in the criminal justice system : by Plotnikoff, Joyce

Publication: . xiv, 338 pages : 22 cm

I just have to say that this is one of the best books I have come across in years! I’d recommend it to all the Police, social workers, SLTs, parents, everyone! It’s so well written, has heaps of case studies throughout to put it all into practice and makes a lot of sense! Very exciting to find such an amazing book

The Asperger teen's toolkit / by Musgrave, Francis

Publication: . 136 pages : 25 cm

Good snap shots. Brief- not a lot of detail.

The Asperger teen's toolkit / by Musgrave, Francis

Publication: . 136 pages : 25 cm

My son who is 12 liked this book so we have ordered a copy.

Asperger's syndrome for the neurotypical partner / by Rowe, Alis,

Publication: . 81 pages : 22 cm.

This book is useful for partners who may need some extra help in understanding the intricacies of being in a relationship with a woman with ASD. These books are very accessible and friendly.

Frog's breathtaking speech : by Chissick, Michael

Publication: London Singing Dragon 2012 . [47] p. : col. ill. ; 22 x 29 cm. 25 Date: 2012

Not only a nice story for kids with cool animals, but also I noticed the kids (7 years and 4 years) using the crocodile breath themselves to calm them, including during getting a line put in at hospital. I would recommend!

Asperger's syndrome : by Rowe, Alis

Publication: . 167 pages : 22 x 22 cm

Such a great book. This book is clear and simple but has lots of information about social energy. The visuals make it even better!

How to stop your words from bumping into someone else' s and other really useful social stories : by Tullemans, Anna,

Publication: . 26 leaves : 30 cm

My little man thought it was great especially the part about ignoring annoying people and going to play with someone else.

Marvin's monster diary : by Melmed, Raun

Publication: . 102 pages : 20 cm

Simple message for young people to "stop, take time to think" delivered in an appealing way. There are some notes for parents at the back of the book to help them teach children with ADHD to stop and think and to be more mindful of their behaviours.

Autism is a world

Publication: Washington, DC State of the Art / CNN 2007 . 1x DVD ; 39:50 min 25 Date: 2007

Excellent documentary. Gives eye-opening insight in to what it is like to live with ASD.

I am AspienGirl® : by Marshall, Tania A.

Publication: . 157 pages : 22 cm

Empowering for girls with ASD (and their family).

Whole child reading : by Hale, Natalie

Publication: . vi, 185 pages : 22 cm

Easy to read and easy to follow instructions. Excellent useful book.

I see things differently : by Thomas, Pat,

Publication: . 29 pages : 21 cm.

I got a perspective on what my son views from this book. Very easy to understand. Almost a basics book for adults. Good for my son to see all kids on the spectrum are different but also similar in some things.

What's inside you is inside me, too : by Quinby, Deslie

Publication: . 27 pages : 22 cm.

Very easy to understand. Clear to read and very useful for younger kids.

Keeping clean / by Smith, Sian

Publication: Chicago, IL. : Heinemann Library, 2013 . 24 pages : 18 cm. Date: 2013

Pictures are good for the kids. Short sentences so it's not too confusing. Great book.

Dirty boys : why bathe? by Strattin, Lisa

Publication: . 25 pages 23 cm.

We did well showering for a while. I think it needs to be read about once a month as a reminder. However the habit is getting better with him.

Interoception: the eighth sensory system : by Mahler, Kelly J.

Publication: . x, 168 pages : 23 cm

Interesting perspective about ASD from the author. Worth reading.

Stop picking on me : by Thomas, Pat,

Publication: Hauppauge, NY : Barron's Educational Series, 2000 . 29 p. : 21 x 24 cm. Date: 2000

Great book for children who are victim of bullying, who have reasonable reading skill. A bit disappointed that it didn't specifically tell the children to walk away from the bullying. Other than that, I like the pictures and the story.

The ASD workbook : by Kershaw, Penny

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2011 . 140 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 25 Date: 2011

One of the best books I have come across for teaching kids with ASD to understand their ASD.

Pathological demand avoidance syndrome : by Sherwin, Jane Alison

Publication: . 326 pages ; 22 cm

Great book. Highly recommended.

Parents of children with disabilities : by Barnhill, Press

Publication: Lynchburg, VA Liberty University Books 2010 . xi, 210 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2010

I feel that this book has a strong religious flavour and strong gender roles that would not be appropriate for many NZ families

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