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Finding your own way to grieve : by Helbert, Karla

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2013 . 181 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 25 Date: 2013

This is a good book for older children who don't have ASD. I shared this book with the 11 yer old whose Mum died last week. She is working through the activities and enjoying the journey. She's sharing happy moments and realises her feelings are very normal. She knows the staff and school are here to support her.

Developmental drama : by Booker, Mary

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2011 . 144 p. ; 24 cm 25 Date: 2011

This book has so many ideas for working with people who have high and complex needs. I would like for our region to have this book as a resource. Fantastic book. I didn't want to return it.

The disappointment dragon : by Al-Ghani, K I

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014 . 63 p. : col. ill. ; 29 cm. x 23 cm. 25 Date: 2014

Both kids liked this one. Nice practical situations.

What to do when your brain gets stuck : by Huebner, Dawn

Publication: Washington, DC Magination Press 2007 . 95 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. 25 Date: 2007

Good ideas but my son struggled to engage with it.

Autism and learning differences : by McManmon, Michael P.

Publication: . 525 pages : 28 cm

This book is aimed at older children/adolescents and talks more about living skills, employment, and areas that are not relevant to the age of my child. However, the checklists and information related to these topics were still really useful to help me think about what kinds of areas would be useful for us to focus on. We are homeschooling our 12 year old this year, and this really helped me to think about helping him with skills to be able live in this world rather than just get an academic education. Some of the pages are photocopiable too! I would recommend this to people with children in intermediate/high school or older.

Raising Martians from crash-landing to leaving home : by Muggleton, Joshua

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012 . 238 p. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2012

A really good practical guide to helping us deal with our autistic son.

M is for autism /

Publication: . 93 pages : 22 cm :

Focused on the female perspective and at a life stage that my son isn't up to yet but some concepts and ways of thinking were still valuable.

Different like me : by Elder, Jennifer

Publication: London JKP 2006 . 48 p. : ill. (colour) ; 26 cm 25 Date: 2006

Very interesting to know that autism does not affect artistic endeavour because we had been told by several people that we should give up on our son in art.

Becoming a person : by McRae, John,

Publication: Nelson, New Zealand : Craig Potton Publishing 2014 . 167 pages, 14 unnumbered pages of plates : 24 cm Date: 2014

A fantastic book, beautifully written- all the more poignant because the "characters" are real people. Moving me to tears in parts, laughing my head off in other parts. Well done all who were involved in getting this book out there.

Wilma Jean the worry machine by Cook, Julia

Publication: . 32 pp ; 224 x 196mm

Like the story but the pictures are not really my taste.

Scaredies away! : by Fiorile, Stacy L.,

Publication: Beaverton, OR : BMD Publishing Ltd, 2014 . [45] pages : 22 x 22 cm Date: 2014

Love this book- will try it for one of my students.

Being mortal : by Gawande, Atul

Publication: London : Profile Books, 2015 . 282 pages : 20 cm. Date: 2015

A great read and makes many insightful perspectives and learnings.

Personal hygiene? What's that got to do with me? by Crissey, Pat

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2005 . 94 p; ill. ; 25 cm. 25 Date: 2005

Great coverage of topic. Informative, lots of activities to reinforce and test knowledge gained. Especially like the "see for yourself activities"

Disclosing the diagnosis : by Tullemans, Anna,

Publication: Redcliffe, Queensland : Anna Tullemans, 2015 . 116 pages : 21 cm Date: 2015

User friendly and easy to read. A very useful guide to simplify what can be a huge issue for families of people on the spectrum. Highly recommended.

Uniquely human : by Prizant, Barry M.

Publication: New York, NY : Simon & Schuster, 2015 . x, 256 pages ; 24 cm Date: 2015

It is an excellent book I would recommend it as it is very easy to read, and I have now purchased my own copy.

Being mortal : by Gawande, Atul

Publication: London : Profile Books, 2015 . 282 pages : 20 cm. Date: 2015

Insightful and thought-provoking book about the ways in which the end of life is now managed, particularly in the West, by medical technology that seeks to use invasive and arguably detrimental interventions to prolong life. The question has become “Can we?” at the cost of “Should we?”.

Gawande examines this phenomena from a philosophical perspective. He describes new ways of thinking about the quality of life rather than the postponement of inevitable death. The last couple of chapters are more of a cathartic exploration for the author himself regarding the end of his father’s life than of a sound case for acknowledging our mortality.

Highly recommended.

Group music activities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by Ramey, Maria

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2011 . 169 p. ; 25 cm. +CD-ROM 25 Date: 2011

The one hundred resource ideas cover ideas for people with a range of abilities and can be adapted for individuals needs. The original songs I have used from the book are simple and effective.

Sleepwise - a resource manual :

Publication: [Adelaide] Early Childhood Service, Intellectual Disability Services Council, Sth Australia 2005 . 1. Looseleaf Folder : ill. ; 31 cm. 2. CDROM 3. Booklet (Sasha goes to Sleep) : 9 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 4. Booklet (Sasha goes back to sleep) : 8 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 5. Booklet (Steve goes to sleep) : 9 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 6. Booklet (Steve goes 25 Date: 2005

Great resource- especially good for encouraging families to collect information and to look for patterns. Easy to read with practical ideas. Has a disc with photocopiable resources

The no-cry sleep solution : by Pantley, Elizabeth

Publication: New York McGraw-Hill 2002 . 208p. : ill. 25 Date: 2002

I have lent this book to a number of families who are experiencing sleep issues with younger children. Each family has raved about this book- it encourages their family to think about alternative solutions. No specifically for intellectual disability. Great resource

Epilepsy 101 : by Kuzniecky, Ruben

Publication: Leonia, NJ Medicus Press 2009 . xviii, 254 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2009

This book has been a truly supportive resource for me. The extra information especially regarding the social, cognitive effects not normally discussed by the medical profession, have helped acknowledge the "complete" challenges of our child's epileptic encephalopathy.

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