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Make your own picture stories for kids with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) : by Attwood, Brian

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . 60 pages ; 20 cm Date: 2015

Great book.Very simple and user friendly. Approachable language, was able to utilise the information straight away. (30 minute read)

Friendships and dating : by Sutton, Lynn

Publication: [Adelaide] SHine SA 2013 . 1. DVD : 23:38 minutes2. Booklet : 23 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 25 Date: 2013

I can't decide if I like this or not. It is an odd combination of info for families and education for people with disability. I actually think most of the DVD is too complex to use direct with people with disability. I'd still probably use it as a template for adapting rather than an as-is resource.

Development in practice :

Publication: Portsmouth Down Syndrome Educational Trust 2007 . DVD ; 76 mins 25 Date: 2007

I found this DVD excellent. It dealt very clearly with the stages of speech and communication development and it helped me understand how my son processes information. There are lots of ideas and examples for parents to try. I liked that the parent was the facilitator while the narrator explained. I will be coming back to this a few times as my little boy grows.

The secret business of relationships, love and sex by Anderson, Heather,

Publication: . 127 pages : 21 cm.

Gorgeous book. Great pictures/diagrams. Easy language. Could be read independently or with parent/caregiver.

1001 Great ideas for teaching and raising children with autism and Asperger's by Notbohm, Ellen

Publication: Arlington, TX Future Horizons 2010 . xxiv, 364 p. : 23 cm. 25 Date: 2010

This book is packed with info and is exactly right for what we need .

Sex and staff training: sexuality, sexual abuse and safer sex. A training manual for staff working with people with learning difficulties by McCarthy, Michelle

Publication: United Kingdom Pavilion Publishing Ltd 1994 . 142 p. 25 Date: 1994

Helped our school in making a relevant PD course for staff.

Monica and David by Codina, Alexandra

Publication: New York, NY Docurama Films 2011 . DVD : 67 mins 25 Date: 2011

Found it very insightful. Enjoyed it.

Exploring friendships, puberty and relationships : by Ripley, Kate

Publication: . 147 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm. 25

A useful resource for working with groups of adolescents/young adults. It would be the basis of a really nice programme to support the development of relationship skills and knowledge of puberty/safety. It would preceed sexuality education Some families may be able to adapt it for individual use.

Things Tom likes : by Reynolds, Kate E.

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . 1 volume (unpaged) : 17 x 19 cm Date: 2015

This is really good. Very useful to both families and professionals.

Things Ellie likes : by Reynolds, Kate E.

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . [30] p. : col. ill. ; 17 cm. 25 Date: 2015

This is really good. Very useful to both families and professionals.

Puberty Changes

Publication: . CD-ROM 25

Some of the language would be confusing to our students. Needed to adapt.

Health, growth & development : by Breault, Laura

Publication: Verona, WI Attainment Company 2007 . 1. Book. - 145 p. : col. ill. ; 29 cm. 2. Book. - 20 leaves : col. ill. ; 20 cm. (Instructors Guide) 3. CD-ROM. 25 Date: 2007

Great time saver when making social stories.

Growing up guide for girls : by Hartman, Davida

Publication: . 68 pages : 24 cm

A positive approach to many aspects of being a woman.

What's happening to Ellie? : by Reynolds, Kate E.

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 . 1 volume (unpaged) : 17 x 19 cm Date: 2015

Good easy read for students.

All about feeling down : by Townsley, Ruth

Publication: London Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities 2014 . 22 p : col. ill. ; 30 cm. 25 Date: 2014

Good. Easy to understand and to the point.

Everybody does it? Human relations and sexuality education for people with disabilities : by Strickland, Anne

Publication: Melbourne Spastic Society of Victoria 2000 . 36 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. 25 Date: 2000

Easy to read and relate to our situation.

Sexuality and relationship education for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: a professional's guide to understanding, preventing issues, supporting sexuality and responding to inappropriate behaviours by Hartman, Davida

Publication: London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014 . 272 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. 25 Date: 2014

Well written. Good illustrations. Easy read.

Becoming a woman: a teaching pack on menstruation for people with learning disabilities by Cooper, Emma

Publication: Brighton, UK Pavilion Publishing 1999 . Ringbinder ; iv, 100 p. ; 20 worksheets 25 Date: 1999

Good worksheets. Easy to understand for the majority of students.

No more meltdowns : by Baker, Jed

Publication: Arlington, TX Future Horizons 2008 . xv, 150 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 25 Date: 2008

Awesome resource

Can I tell you about pathological demand avoidance syndrome? : by Fidler, Ruth

Publication: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015 25 Date: 2015

Quick to read. Great information from the child's point of view as well as the general information given for management strategies and supports in the second half of the book.

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