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A different sort of normal / by Balfe, Abigail

Publication: . 234 pages : 23 cm.

I ran out of time to finish it but it seems really great.

I am autistic : an interactive and informative guide to autism (by someone diagnosed with it) / by Moriah, Chanelle

Publication: . 144 pages : 25 cm

Very useful book for professionals and families alike. Have recommended this one to many families I work with. The person-centred way of explaining the different aspects of autism/ neurodiversity makes it easy to understand and relate to. Great book.

Accessing the curriculum for students with Down syndrome: a seminar for teachers and teacher aides by Bartley, Lorraine

Publication: Wellington, N.Z. Ministry of Education 2004 . spiralbound - 146 p. : ill. 29 Date: 2004

Very informative compilation of resources with great tips. Helpful for school and home.

Down syndrome by Royston, Angela

Publication: Chicago, IL Heinemann 2005 . 32 p. ; col. ill. ; 23 cm. 29 Date: 2005

Focuses too much on the negative aspects of Down syndrome

My friend has Down syndrome by Tourville, Amanda Doering

Publication: Mankato, MN Picture Window Books 2010 . 24 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm. 29 Date: 2010

My 9 year old daughter shared this with her class

This is Ella / by Ewert, Krista

Publication: . 23 pages : 28 cm

Suitable for 5-8 year olds

The autism-friendly guide to self-employment / by Steward, Robyn

Publication: . 329 pages : 22 cm

I would recommend this to families. Lots of useful links for research. Interactive pages for individuals. Simple layout. Bullet points.

The explosive child : a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children / by Greene, Ross W

Publication: . xvii, 254 pages : 21 cm

I've read the previous edition - this is a very useful update, although a lot of the content remains the same. Practical and easy to read.

The parents' practical guide to resilience for preteens and teenagers on the autism spectrum / by Purkis, Jeanette,

Publication: . 200 pages ; 23 cm

Great practical way to think about developing resilience in teenagers, such a protective factor for them later in life

The don't worry book / by Parr, Todd,

Publication: . 1 volume (unpaged) : 26 cm

Love this book! Fun and bright - easy to read and understand for young children

Helping your child with PDA live a happier life / by Running, Alice

Publication: . 124 pages : 22 cm

Although not related to New Zealand systems, it gives great parental knowledge. I identified with the author as a PDA parent. The book has some great ideas. A great starting point for parents of children with autism and PDA.

Those they called idiots : the idea of the disabled mind from 1700 to the present day / by Jarrett, Simon

Publication: . 352 pages : 24 cm

This is a well researched book that takes the reader through a thorough history of when then notion of the idiot was bought into the language and our communities. For many centuries the idiot was accepted as part of our communities and then from the time of the enlightenment and the development of medicine it became an unfortunate judgement and separation. The lives of many were institutionalised and left out of the community. This began to change in the late 1960’s when many who may have been in this group have become recognised as their own person and thousands have taken control of their own lives.

What was disappointing was the reasons for the perceived idiocy was not discussed and possibly not the intent of the writer. There are of course a range of genetic and environmental reasons for intellectual disabilities about which we know a great deal more than one and two centuries ago. For example we know so much more today about Foetal alcohol syndrome and I would have expected such a discussion within the pages of this book.It was absent.

We're not broken : changing the autism conversation / by Garcia, Eric,

Publication: . 304 pages : 24 cm

It is very US centric with a lot of political discussion especially at the beginning. But he covers off all the key elements and issues of being a growing up autistic. Is respectful of pronouns and how people identify and highlights the LGBTQI+ community who are autistic as well as POL. Would recommend to friends and family members who want an adult autistic POV and to anyone who is diagnosed and wants some reassurance. Also highlights the appalling issues with getting support and accommodations especially in medical situations that many autistic people face, especially those with co-morbidities or other disabilities. Doctors and health professionals should READ this and LISTEN!

100 ways your child can learn through play : fun activities for young children with SEN / by Durrant, Georgina

Publication: . 126 pages : 25 cm

This is a fabulous book full of really interesting ideas!

The outdoor scientist : the wonder of observing the natural world / by Grandin, Temple,

Publication: . 200 pages : 24 cm

A wonderful, easy to read book. Highly recommend it!

Meesha makes friends / by Percival, Tom

Publication: . 1 volume (unpaged) : 31 cm

A great story with lots of good ideas. It's probably more suitable for kids aged under ten.

Coping with change / by Head, Honor

Publication: . 32 pages : 22 cm.

Coping with change is a good topic and using animals as an analogy works well. I think it's suitable for kids 10 years and over.

The worrysaurus / by Bright, Rachel

Publication: . 1 volume, unpaged : 29 cm.

A lovely book suitable for toddlers up to 5 year olds. A worried dinosaur learns how not to be worried all the time and to enjoy life.

The friendship formula game / by Schroeder, Alison

Publication: . 1 gameboard, 6 playing pieces, 24 coloured rings, 2 dice, teachers notes booklet, 100 questions cards (25 All About Me, 25 Emotions, 25 Play a game, 25 Solve a Problem) box 31 cm x 22 cm

Awesome game - really enjoyed it.

Supporting positive behavior in children and teens with down syndrome : the respond but don't react method / by Stein, David S.

Publication: . xii, 138 pages : 23 cm

This is an awesome book!

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