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Supporting autistic girls & gender diverse youth : an essential neuro-affirming guide for parents, teachers & allies /

Publication: . 312 pages : 23 cm.

Excellent overview of techniques that work for all genders with clear explanations of the differences in presentation for autistic girls and gender diverse youth. Great use of chunks of information with pointers to where to go next.

Order from chaos : the everyday grind of staying organized with Adult ADHD / by Paul, Jaclyn,

Publication: . 208 pages : 26 cm

Lots of useful, practical solutions.

Succeeding with adult ADHD : daily strategies to help you achieve your goals and manage your life / by Levrini, Abigail,

Publication: . viii, 313 pages : 22 cm.

Lots of useful, practical ideas.

Declarative language handbook : using a thoughtful language style to help kids with social learning challenges feel competent, connected, and understood / by Murphy, Linda K.,

Publication: . 119 pages ; 22 cm

Our neurodivergent person very much struggles with questions in general. He expresses being unsettled when others so much as ask him his name. This handbook provides strategies based on very simple ideas : I am thinking aloud and in this way inviting him to observe and think with me. We are observing positive improvements within our incident attempts so far. His sibling also seems to benefit from it.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders : parenting a child with an invisible disability / by Brown, Julia

Publication: . 152 pages : 21 cm

This gave some helpful insights to support families and schools. I would recommend this to others.

vĀsifika : our Autism journeys.

Publication: . 43 pages : 21 cm

Beautiful and insightful stories about Pasifika children with autism and their families. So lovely reading about their journeys and experiences

It's okay to make mistakes / by Parr, Todd

Publication: . 1 volume (unpaged) : 26 cm

After reading this to a child he was heard telling a friend who was worried about something he had done that "it is ok to make mistakes"

My wandering dreaming mind / by Saunders, Merriam Sarcia,

Publication: . 1 volume (unpaged) : 27 cm

This book perfectly describes a child I am working with. Good book for children and families.

Facing mighty fears about making mistakes / by Huebner, Dawn,

Publication: . 77 pages : 23 cm.

Really good format and a very useful book for me as a teacher.

Gilly the giraffe : self-esteem activity book : a therapeutic story with creative activities for children aged 5-10 / by Treisman, Karen,

Publication: . 140 pages : 30 cm.

Has great activities for children/ students. Really useful tips too.

What happens when someone in my family has Down syndrome / by Keppeler, Jill

Publication: . 24 pages : 22 cm

A fantastic book! I know when our baby was given his diagnosis one of the first things that started to go through my mind was how will this affect his siblings. We used this book to explain more to our 9 year old and to actually tell our 7 and 5 year olds that their new baby brother has Down Syndrome and what that meant. I loved how it empowers the siblings too.

Gross motor skills for children with Down syndrome : a guide for parents and professionals by Winders, Patricia C.

Publication: Bethesda, MD Woodbine House 2014 . xxx, 521 pages : 26 cm Date: 2014

This book was fantastic. I really helped us understand the role of physiotherapy for our little one and make a start while we were on the wait list to be picked up by a Physiotherapist. Highly recommend.

The autism-friendly guide to periods / by Steward, Robyn

Publication: . 94 pages : 25 cm

Great- pitched at the right level- doesn't talk down to kids but not too wordy. Great pictures- able to pick up and put down- able to discuss and ask questions.

Educator's experience of Pathological Demand Avoidance : an illustrated guide to pathological... demand avoidance and learning. by Kerbey, Laura.

Publication: . 128 pages 22 cm

Brilliant- just what we needed. Reassuring to families who may be feeling overwhelmed. It does what it says on the back cover. More of an introduction to coping and gentle explanation rather than text book style. Solutions are scattered throughout and "optional" main message is you're okay and they're okay. Recommend to families with a new diagnosis and a few years on in the journey.

The teacher's introduction to pathological demand avoidance : essential strategies for the classroom / by Truman, Clare,

Publication: . 171 pages : 23 cm

This is a great book. Gives some insight and some solutions. Examples can stimulate own generation of answers. This should be read with the book about PDA, "The family experience of PDA" so the school can get the complete picture of the child's needs.

I can't go to school : the school non-attender's workbook / by Rigg, Suzy,

Publication: . 128 pages : 25 cm

Very useful book. It has links to some very good online resources too.

This is ADHD : an interactive and informative guide / by Moriah, Chanelle

Publication: . 144 pages : 25 cm

A must read for every parent, teacher or ADHDer. Chanelle's honest explanations and simple language make it easier to read and comprehend terms that in the literature are very hard. I specially like their explanations of proprioception, vestibular system and interoception. Their own experience with medication helps us parents try and comprehend how our kids might feel while on the meds. An outstanding book. I will buy my own copy!

Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia)/ by Lloyd, Susan,

Publication: . xi, 244 pages ; 23 cm

Very practical book, with a solid grounding in the understanding of DCD

SenseAble travel : travel tips for families living with sensory processing disorder / by Logan, Jennifer

Publication: . 141 pages ; 23 cm

Some really good tips, a lot I would hope families may have thought of, but if you don't travel much there are great ideas of things to think about. Worth reading if you're about to travel.

Autism and everyday executive function : a strengths-based approach for improving attention, memory, organization and flexibility by Moraine, Paula

Publication: . 160 p. ; 234 x 156mm

This is a great book. Really gets into the autistic mind and tells it like it is. Great for parents and anyone wanting to understand autism. Emphasises not trying to change autistic people to fit the world but rather make changes to the world to meet the needs of autistic people.

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