Being nice - (children's books) Feb 2019 RSS feed for public list Being nice - (children's books) Feb 2019 1-2-3 a calmer me : by Patterson, Colleen A. Cool down and work through anger by Meiners, Cheri J Don't get angry, Annie, stay calm / by Regan, Lisa Elephant learns to share : by Graves, Sue, Frog's breathtaking speech : by Chissick, Michael Hands are not for hitting / by Agassi, Martine, How do dinosaurs say I'm mad? / by Yolen, Jane How to take the grrrr out of anger / by Verdick, Elizabeth I feel mad! by Shea, Donna No hitting, Henry, don't hurt / by Regan, Lisa. Respecting others by Martineau, Susan Stay cool and in control with the keep-calm guru : by Brukner, Lauren Tails are not for pulling / by Verdick, Elizabeth. Teeth are not for biting / by Verdick, Elizabeth The green-eyed goblin by Al-Ghani, K. I. The red beast : by Al-Ghani, K K I Train your angry dragon / by Herman, Steve When Miles got mad / by Kurtzman-Counter, Samantha William Wobbly and the very bad day : by Naish, Sarah