New books 2019. Feb 2019 CM RSS feed for public list New books 2019. Feb 2019 CM Alzheimer's disease and dementia : by Sabat, Steven R. Asperger's syndrome and anxiety : by Rowe, Alis, Autism in heels : by O'Toole, Jennifer Cook Being with Asperger's : "so that's how it's done!" / by Papp, Lynette Broccoli boot camp : by Williams, Keith E. Cultural intersections in music therapy : by Whitehead-Pleaux, Annette Emily is being bullied, what can she do? : by Cowie, Helen Handbook of evidence-based practices in intellectual and developmental disabilities / by Singh, Nirbhay N. How to communicate with someone who has dementia : by Caughey, Angela, Making A Splash / by Scully, Rosemary, Me and my PDA : by Dura-Vila, Gloria My special brother Bo / by Collins, Britt E. Ruby's worry / by Percival, Tom, Stuff you need to know : by Weaver, Patricia Supported decision-making : by Shogren, Karrie Ann, Talkabout sex and relationships 2 : by Kelly, Alex, Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills to Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities : by Goldschmidt, Janice The Way I am is Different : by Simpson, Helen Understanding learning and related disabilities : by Denckla, Martha Bridge