Cowie, Helen

Emily is being bullied, what can she do? : a story and anti-bullying guide for children and adults to read together / Helen Cowie, Harriet Tenenbaum and Ffion Jones. - 43 pages : illustrations : 22 cm

How to use this book. - EMILY: What is bullying? - What happened when I was bullied. - How I felt when I was bullied. - What I thought about when I was being bullied. - What I did to help myself. - People who helped. - HANNAH: The perspective of the child doing the bullying. - BETH & RAVI: The perspectives of the bystanders. - INFORMATION FOR ADULTS: What is bullying? - What are the different types of bullying? - What roles do children play in bullying? - Who is at risk of being bullied? What are the signs to look for? - What are the effects of being bullied? - What to tell children if they are being bullied? - What other ways can you help at home? - How can schools help to stop bullying? How can you encourage other children to help? - RESOURCES: United Kingdom. - United States. - Australia.

Meet Emily. She is being bullied by a group of children at school. She describes how this makes her feel, think and act. Eventually, she finds ways to help herself and also realises that she can get help from other people - both adults and other children. As well as the perspective of the child being bullied, this guide for children aged 7-11 portrays the view of bystanders and the bully, emphasising the difference everyone can make in a bullying situation. Based on the latest research in anti-bullying interventions and written in collaboration with leaders of the field, the book offers practical, tried-and-tested strategies for the prevention of bullying.




Juvenile works.

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