Vermeulen, Peter

I am special : the board game - for ages 10-16 years - 1 Board Game containing: Answers, Board, Box with Cartoon Strips, 30 Grey Cards - Assignment, Manual, 55 Orange Cards - Autism, 6 Pass Cards, 6 Pawns, 1 Play Card, 6 Player Cards, 55 Blue Question Cards, 55 Green Question Cards, 55 Orange Question Cards, 55 Yellow Question Cards, Quick Instructions) : Box 31 x 22 cm

First published in Dutch in 2015 by Autisme Centraal

"The aim [of this game] is to become familiar, in an enjoyable way, with the main areas of impairment arising from autism. The game board is a simplified snakes and ladder board. By means of dice, the participants make their way along the board and arrive at squares where there is a mission to accomplish. These are related to autism characteristics... The game can have two objectives: to familiarise the players with autism in general, or to become familiar with the characteristics of their own autism."



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