Elven, Bo Hejlskov

Sulky, rowdy, rude : why kids really act out and what to do about it / Bo Hejlskov Elven and Tina Wiman. - 192 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm

Includes bibliographical references.

Introduction. - PART I: PRINCIPLES. - 1. Who has the problem? - 2. Children behave well if they can. - 3. Children always do what makes sense. - 4. The one who takes responsibility can make a difference. - 5. Children learn nothing from failure. - 6. You need self control to cooperate with others. - 7. We all do what we can to maintain self control. - 8. Emotions are contagious. - 9. Conflicts consist of solutions and failures require a plan. 10. We make demands of children that they don't make themselves - but in a way that works. - 11. It isn't fair to treat everyone the same. - 12. You become a leader when someone follows you. - PART 2: CASES AND ACTION PLANS. - 13. We live in a garage. - 14. Case examples. - 15. The principle of the gentle approach. - 16. Summary. - PART 3: EXTRA MATERIALS. - Study materials. - further reading.

Children can go through difficult phases - this is a natural part of growing up. Conflicts and arguments are nothing exceptional, but rather a part of everyday family life. The authors of this practical and imaginative book show how parents can create consistent and effective structures, methods and responses, so that children can learn for themselves how to practise self-control and cooperation in a secure environment where they both belong and have autonomy. Based on years of experience working with children, including those with special needs, the authors structure their methods around the low arousal approach. With many creative suggestions and real-life examples, this book has the potential to change family life for the better forever.





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