Extraordinary gifts, unique challenges : Williams Syndrome / edited by Michelle Self, Ph. D., Vanessa Coggshall, and Tess Roach. - vi, 185 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

PART I: THE BEGINNING. - 1. The diagnosis. - 2. Surgeries, medical issues and early intervention. - PART II: LIFE GOES ON - BEAUTIFULLY. - 3. Sports. - 4. Joys and victories. - 5. Gifts. - 6. Young adults. - 7. International perspectives. - PART III: REFLECTIONS FROM ADULTS WITH WILLLIAMS SYNDROME.

A collection of essays written by parents, family, and friends of children with Williams syndrome, telling in their own words of their challenges and triumphs, their heartaches and moments of bliss. In addition, nine adults with Williams syndrome give advice to younger people with the diagnosis, while reflecting on what their own parents did that helped them the most. Williams syndrome is a genetic condition affecting 1 in 10,000 people worldwide. It is caused by a spontaneous deletion of one pair of a few dozen genes on chromosome 7. Individuals with Williams syndrome often have severe cardiovascular issues, developmental delays, and difficulties living independently, but also, in general, have outgoing personalities, enormous empathy, and a strong affinity for music.



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