Grandin, Temple

The loving push : how parents and professionals can help spectrum kids become successful adults / - xvii, 210 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

Includes bibliographical references (page 199-208).

Foreword. - Introduction. - A note about terminology. - PART I: THE PATH TO SUCCESS STARTS HERE: RESTORING HOPE. - 1. Real stories, real successes: 8 inspiring profiles. - 2. The three necessary components of your child's success.- 3. How to break your child's bad habits. - PART II: STRETCHING YOUR CHILD & AVOIDING PITFALLS. - 4. Stretching your child just outside their comfort zone. - 5. What to do when your kin doesn't seem to care or is chronically anxious. - 6. Danger ahead: compulsive gaming and media recluses. - PART III: PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR ADULTHOOD. - 7. Teaching vital life skills needed for succeess.

"Parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone who cares about a child or teen on the autism spectrum need this essential roadmap to prepare our youth for being successful adults in today’s world. Best-selling author, autism advocate, and animal science professor Dr. Temple Grandin joins psychologist and autism specialist Dr. Debra Moore in spelling out what steps you can take to restore your child’s hope and motivation, and what you must avoid. Eight life stories told by people on the autism spectrum, including chapters on subjects like how to get kids off their computers, how to build on their strengths and get back to caring about their lives, and how to find a path to a successful, meaningful life." - PUBLISHER'S WEBSITE “Temple Grandin is a person with Autism who has written and contributed to a number of books and certainly our understanding of what it is like to have Autism. Debra Moore is a psychologist who has worked extensively with children, teens and adults with mild autism (previously called Aspergers / High Functioning Autism.
This book is easy to read with good real stories supporting the information covered in each chapter. Some of these stories are by the mothers and some by the person with Autism from their perspective
The first part is real stories, the three necessary components of a child’s success and how to break bad habits. The 3 components are about avoiding learned helplessness by teaching them to be independent, learning optimism and resisting negative thinking and the critical impact of having a mentor.
The second part is about stretching the child outside their comfort zone, what to do when your child doesn’t care or is anxious and compulsive gaming and how these computer games get your child addicted. This is a very valuable part of this book with good information on how computer gaming addictions occur.
The last part is about preparing your child for adulthood.
Much of this book is aimed at the teenager and young adult but very valuable to read when the child is younger so that the child with Autism is well prepared for adulthood. This is a valuable book to read and will give parents and others some really valuable insight into the differences children and young people with Autism experience in their daily lives with good strategies to start implementing from an early age.



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