Brukner, Lauren.

The kids' guide to staying awesome and in control : simple stuff to help children regulate their emotions and senses / Lauren Brukner ; illustrated by Apsley. - London ; Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014 - 109 p. ill. 26 cm.

Includes bibliographical references.

PART 1: FOR KIDS. - 1. Label that feeling! - 2. Let's learn the how of using anywhere body breaks. - 3. Let's learn the how of using tools! - 4. Let's learn the how of using big body breaks! - 5. Choosing the right strategy is like ordering fast food... sort of. - 6. Wow! You are a body control and self regulation expert! But not so fast, your work is not done yet... PART 2: FOR ADULTS. - Some important tips for my fellow parents. - My delicious kiddos. - Some important tips for teachers. - Some important information about the major sensory systems. - Tips of the trade! Ways to make your home or classroom most conducive to self-regulated kids. - Appendices. - Great therapy resources and websites. - Recommended reading.

"Packed with simple ideas to regulate their emotions and senses, this book will help children aged 7-14 years tackle feelings head-on and feel awesome and in control!... There are also useful tips for parents and teachers as well as handy charts and checklists to track progress." - BOOK JACKET This book, written for 7-14 year olds, is in two parts; the first is for the kids and the second for the adults. The kids' part has a great range of exercises that a child can do when they are feeling slow and tired, fast and emotional or fast and wiggly. Each exercise is marked with a symbol to help the child recognise which feelings it will help regulate so that they will feel "just right". Each exercise comes with an explanation of why it is beneficial, directions on how to do it and a helpful illustration. The adults' section is aimed at parents and teachers. It contains information about the major sensory systems as well as tips for home and school. While this is not the most attractive book for children, and has far too may exclamation marks!, it looks like it will be a practical and easy to use resource for home and school.

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