Hewett, Dave

The intensive interaction handbook - London SAGE 2012 - viii, 156 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.

Part 1 : Human communication and the background to intensive interaction
1. The nature of human communication / Dave Hewett
2. Background to intensive interaction / Graham Firth
3. How do human beings start learning to communicate? / Dave Hewett
Part 2 : Practicalities of doing intensive interaction
4. Preparing for intensive interaction / Dave Hewett
5. Getting going / Dave Hewett
6. Further and continuing progress / Dave Hewett
7. Recording the activities and maintaining the processes / Mark Barber
8. Supporting intensive interaction in workplaces / Graham Firth and Dave Hewett
9. Doing intensive interaction at home / Tandy Harrison
Part 3 : Issues, topics and community
10. Some associated issues and topics / Dave Hewett
11. The intensive interaction community / Graham Firth.

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"Intensive Interaction is a straightforward approach to teaching the fundamentals of communication to children and adults who have severe learning difficulties or autism, and who are still at an early stage of communication development. This book is a practical guide to help those wishing to implement Intensive Interaction in their setting, and it provides detailed advice and step-by-step guidance as well as a consideration of all the issues associated with carrying out this approach." - BOOK JACKET This new book from experts in the field of Intensive Interaction is a straightforward guide for anyone who wants to use Intensive Interaction with people with severe and complex learning difficulties, people who have very severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties, multi-sensory impairments and people who have a diagnosis of autism.

The first section of the book is a general discussion on how we communicate and how communication issues affect all of us, as well as providing a history on the development of Intensive Interaction. Also explains what Intensive Interaction is, who it is for and what it teaches.

Later sections cover the practicalities of doing Intensive Interaction, getting started, maintaining progress, recording the activities, supporting Intensive Interaction in workplaces, doing Intensive Interaction at home. And finally, a discussion of some associated issues and topics.

Includes brief illustrative case studies and frequent “Technique Points” throughout the book.

A must read for Intensive Interaction devotees or an accessible introduction for beginners in the field.



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