Muggleton, Joshua

Raising Martians from crash-landing to leaving home : how to help a child with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism - London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012 - 238 p. ; 23 cm.

Foreword by Tony Attwood. Introduction: Who Am I?
1. Aspergers Syndrome: Welcome to Mars!
2. Mental Health: Where Normal Isn't a Setting on a Washing Machine
3. The Five Senses (Plus Two)
4. Stimming, Obsessions, and Rituals: Some of Our More Noticeable Behaviour Explained
5. Friendships and Social Situations: Your Heaven, Our Hell
6. Shopping, Travelling and Holidays: Out and About in a Scary World
7. School: The Survival Guide. 8. Bullying: When Being Different Isn't Cool
9. Toolbox: Popular Problems and Helpful Hints

"Joshua Muggleton knows from personal experience what it is like to grow up feeling like 'a Martian marooned on planet Earth'. Now 22 and studying psychology at the University of St. Andrews, he combines his insights into what it means to have Asperger Syndrome (AS) with his scientific knowledge of the autism spectrum to write an invaluable guide for parents and teachers. Opening with the very basics of what autism is, Joshua covers mental health, sensory issues, obsessions and rituals, friendships and social situations, and shopping, travelling, and holidays, before tackling what is arguably the biggest challenge of any Aspie child's life: school - and with it, bullying, homework, and other challenges. Providing the inside track on Asperger Syndrome in childhood, he describes practical ways in which parents and teachers can help, and offers a wealth of advice and helpful hints and tips for approaching common difficulties." - PUBLISHERS WEBSITE Joshua, a prospective clinical psychologist, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was 15. Since then he has been invited to give talks to parents, teachers and other professionals. He had been asked constantly if he had written a book. Raising Martians is the result of him “getting tired of saying no”.
Joshua has written this book based on his experience as a person with AS and also from the perspective of a student of psychology.
This very readable book explains what Asperger syndrome is, the behaviours that may be exhibited by a person with Asperger’s and how that person may experience the world. Joshua also explains why certain things such as bullying may happen to them and why they respond as they do.
From there Joshua talks about everyday life and activities, how the person with Asperger’s may feel about them and how the family can help make experiences such as going on holiday, starting a new school, and dealing with social situations less stressful and hopefully even pleasurable.
The final chapter, entitled toolbox consists of questions and answers such as” My child doesn’t want to mix with other children- what should I do?” And “My son is a fussy eater. He’s underweight but not dangerously so. Should I be worried?”
This is a very practical and reassuring book for family and the person with Asperger syndrome alike.




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