Firth, Graham

Using intensive interaction with a person with a social or communicative impairment - London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2011 - 160 p. : 23 cm.

What to do and think about before using intensive interaction
What to do and think about whilst using intensive interaction
What to do and think about after using intensive interaction
Some final issues to consider when using intensive interaction
What you might expect to come from the use of intensive interaction

"Intensive interaction is a highly effective approach for communicating and developing social interaction and engagement with difficult to reach individuals. This easy-to-use guide steers readers through the practical application of the approach, showing how positive results can best be achieved." - BOOK JACKET After the introductory discussion about intensive interaction; what it is, who will benefit from it and why it is used, the authors look at the before, during and after stages. They spend some time considering longer term issues and possible resultant expectations.
Each chapter is allocated space on issues when working with “someone who is unfamiliar to you” and then to “someone who is familiar to you”. The whole book is packed with what ifs and how to recognize successful outcomes.
Well written and laid out the authors hope their book will be used by parents and carers as well as professionals. In their preface they point out that it is not intended to be used in one sitting! Rather their intention is to help people develop practical skills as well as constructive reflective practices over time.
This is a positive and affirming source of information.



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