Levete, Sarah

Explaining cerebral palsy - London Franklin Watts 2008 - 44 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm. - Explaining .

What is cerebral palsy?|The causes of cerebral palsy|Diagnosis|Types of cerebral palsy|Managing cerebral palsy|Other support|Technological support|Communication|How it feels|Everyday life|Being at school|Cerebral palsy and the family|Into adulthood|Raising awareness|The future|Glossary|Further information

"This book will help you to understand what causes cerebral palsy, and how it affects people. Some people with cerebral palsy have difficulty moving around and others have difficulty learning and understanding. But everyone with cerebral palsy is different. learn how people with cerebral palsy manage everyday tasks, and how technology is helping them." - BOOK JACKET Explaining cerebral palsy is a good example of Franklin Watts publishers traditionally well planned and executed children’s non-fiction books. The combination of layout, font and photographs makes the book as a whole an easy read.
There are explanations referring to the cause, diagnosis and types of cerebral palsy. Support systems, communication difficulties and the effects of cerebral palsy are also discussed; followed on by a look at community and family living, the transition into adulthood and finally, raising public awareness.
The case notes dotted throughout the book are a useful device both as support for the topic under discussion, and as a revelation as to what it is like for those who have cerebral palsy. I found the case notes most interesting in that they conveyed, in a few short sentences, just how children and adults faced up to their personal challenges, got on with it and in the process, really enjoyed their lives.

This book will be useful for those needing an introduction to cerebral palsy topics and concerns; it could be used in one to one or group discussions within the family or classroom context.



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