Greenman, Jan

Life at the edge and beyond : living with ADHD and Asperger syndrome - London Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2010 - 208 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Part I: 1991 to 2004
A very good place to start : the beginning : Luke's birth
The nightmare begins : Luke's illness
Going for broke : vaccinations, MMR and eczema
Savour the moment : Luke's frantic behaviour, Abbi's birth
Consequence, cause and effect : Luke's disasters, his lack of connection
Labelling of Luke : ADHD : Dr Murray and Luke's first label
Turn on the light : language taken literally
Black and white : extremes, sensitivities and pain : ritalin and melatonin
Labelling of Luke : Asperger syndrome : Luke diagnoses himself with his second label
Siblings : Abbi's chapter
Friend of foe? Helpful hints and support groups
Professionals : just the few : consultants and Luke's third label
Sad, mad but not bad : eating, obsessive habits and temper
Call me Nigel : Luke's obsessions
Education, war and peace : Luke's struggles and the fight to get him educated|Part II: 2004
The end... of life at The Edge : the end of our family life|Part III: 2005 to 2007
Beyond The Edge : we become a family again, a different one|Part IV: 2007 to 2009
Life at The Edge becomes a book!
Nigel Mansell, pinstripes and parliament
Dubai : customs and contraband
Luke tips over the edge of reason : Luke is expelled from school and attempts suicide
Trust, Trystan and public speaking
Keith Lemon has the last word, literally

"Parenting a child with Asperger syndrome is never easy, and adding ADHD to the psychological mix makes life even more difficult. In this searingly honest account of bringing up her son, Luke, Jan Greenman challenges common perceptions of "life with labels", and recalls her family's 18-year journey to the edge and back." - BOOK JACKET Life at the edge is a family story. There are the facts, when Luke was born, how the family tensions caused Paul and Jan to become isolated from each other and how sister Abbi coped with a sometime violent brother; then there are the tips that Jan, Luke and Abbi share with their readers; finally there is the development in Luke’s life as he goes from baby then on to school boy and finally to young adult.
This is a very honest and open account written by a mother whose passionate feelings for her family will not allow her to give in to her personal distress and physical tiredness. She tells of the difficulties in convincing the local educational authority of the need for Luke to have support for his schooling; her problems in coming to understand Luke’s behavioral differences; the joy and pride in Luke’s development.



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